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What is Autosurf?

What is Autosurf?

Autosurfs - are a similar type of site to hyips, but in order to make the ROI on your deposits, you must "surf" a pre-determined number of websites to receive you daily ROI.

Autosurf allow you to display a website to others. In return you view other members websites in "autosurf" window in order to make cash. After viewing a set amount of sites, you are paid a percentage of your membership level. You make money because your upgrade will be active long enough for you to make all your money back, and then begin to profit.

Autosurfs can be just as risky as Hyips, and many sites these days do not last very long. Again, the problem is that many are using future deposits to pay off the the older deposits, but there are some sites that have paid off reliably and passed the three month mark. Autosurfs usually do not have a stable financial plan and most of the times they will not state on their site how the funds are being used.
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