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Rules before make investing in HYIPs industry

There are some basic "rules" which are good to know, before you invest in HYIPs:

Never invest more than you would like to lose;

Do not invest anything before you have read, read and read some more about the different programs and strategys;

I recommend that you read in the forums. Preferably more than one, I read about 5 or 6;

Feb-23-2016 09:59:05 PM

How do I know they are not scams

Simple and straight answer: You dont. You can take advice from people in the industry, read forum posts. The decision to join should be entirely your own, and you should understand the risks involved.

But we recommend to do a few acts before investing.

Feb-23-2016 09:47:06 PM

How much can I make?

It depends entirely on how much you invest (obviously the more you invest, the more you make), and the daily percentage of the program (higher daily percentage = more money daily).

If you are lucky and you select good programs you can earn really good money.

Feb-23-2016 09:44:54 PM

How much can I lose?

Again, you can lose as much as you invest. Therefore remember the golden rule of HYIP:


There is no limit of your earnings or your loss. You can lose or win big money in seconds or days. It''''s almost like gambling but honestly it''''s easier to earn in gambling industry (usually honest and clear rules) than with hyips.

Feb-23-2016 09:43:52 PM

What is Autosurf?

Autosurfs - are a similar type of site to hyips, but in order to make the ROI on your deposits, you must "surf" a pre-determined number of websites to receive you daily ROI.

Autosurf allow you to display a website to others. In return you view other members websites in "autosurf" window in order to make cash. After viewing a set amount of sites, you are paid a percentage of your membership level. You make money because your upgrade will be active long enough for you to make all your money back, and then begin to profit.

Feb-23-2016 09:41:16 PM

What is HYIP ?

HYIP which stands for High Yield Investment Program is just what it sounds like, a program offering a high yield investment. HYIP''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s are offering probably the most profitable investments available today, much more than any bank or investment fund.
We can divide hyips to on-line and off-line investments. Off-line hyips are usually not available for common investors, their minimum of deposit is about $100k and more. For this reason we''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ll direct our interest to online investment opportunities. These programs are offering very variable ROI depend of types their investment plans: daily, weekly bi-weekly, Monthly, yearly. They are usually offering interest rates ranging between 0–5% Daily, 1-10% Weekly, 3-40% Monthly. But it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s not hard to find some programs that offer higher profit, like 200% after 1 day. if you find one you can be sure it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s a scam or a ponzi.

Feb-23-2016 09:09:08 PM
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