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HYIP’s Are can be addictive , And at the same time They are too dangerous and extremely High risk involved. But with some basic tip’s and some experience and reading the best article’s , following the good tip’s from the experienced people it is easy and can be a profitable Kingdom to anyone.

How to play safely in HYIP’s ?
How to understand the HYIP Before investing into any where ?

First of all you need to know that HYIP’s are not a real Business’s as what they claim to show or promising to make you higher profits. It’s just a game and you can win it or you can loss it.

Never get tempted for Higher Returns: You must take some time when you see a new HYIP launched in the market. Read carefully the Deposit plans and the interest’s they are offering daily/weekly/monthly. For a hyip it is not possible to provide you higher returns, and you should stay away to such concepts when you see them.

There are different types of situations, and terms. Like short term, (A1D) Mid term, Long term.

If you are investing a $100 – Daily 0.40% TO 0.80% Can be called Long term, offers you principal return in certain period of days

$100 – Daily 103% With principal included can be called Short term, Offers you Principal and Interest after 1 day or some certain amount of days.

$100 – Daily 5% to 9% With principal included can be called mid term, Offers you Higher returns but with around 15 to 30 days, Called mid term, where you can reach your invested amount with in the less period.

What is principal included / And principal return ? Your investment to the program is called principal, Some programs provide you daily percentage of interest by holding your investment with them and it will be paid back after the term completed which you have choosen 5 , 10, 15 Days,

And some of the programs will provide you higher percentage 5% to 9% daily, Here your principal will not be hold, it is calculated in your daily interest. And you will get here your principal back in less time .

What is A1D ? After 1 Day, After 5 day, 10 Day’s programs are called A1D in HYIP Industry.


1 Do not invest all the money you have in one program, Always make it piece’s and invest in atleast 5 to 10 Programs, if one goes to scam, The other one can be profitable

Never be lazy , always read the content and FAQ of the programs before you decide to invest.

Try to be wise and refer to the forums and Monitors to search the topic’s about the program you are looking to invest.

Read what other says, their opinions and let it pass atleast 2 to 3 days, The best source is forums to find out whether the program is good.

Keep checking forums Daily, and Make your investments always low at first, when they meets your higher expectations, and payment proofs of real investors, Never believe to the monitors investment payment proofs, they invest the money which they received from the administors listing fee, But i am not saying all the monitors are same. there are many good one’s . Once you are comfort enough and got good information you may go with higher deposits.

Check the Script they use’s, You can validate it, most of the HYIP program’s uses Goldcoders which is popular enough script and you can easily find out whether its licensed or not from the bellow url. and Also don’t forget to check the “WHO IS” Information”

Here you can check any Goldcoders HYIP script website.

Always check the recent payment proofs and recent deposits: Ofcourse administrators of HYIP websites can make fake payment proofs, So observe it with 3rd eye, Whether those are spam names and the also the investment size is so big number like $32000, $50,000 Etc.. those all are fake.

Check the payment processors trust score. Unfortunately you can not do it to all the payment processors. But there is a way, All the HYIP’s uses Perfect money as a common payment processors and you can find the “Trust score before making a payment to it. It helps some how better.

Keep checking if new investments are coming to the website, How you can do ? Check the monitors RCB Pages and you can find there if new members are investing in that particular program you are looking to invest. If not deposits , it’s is possible that admin may close it at any time.

A1D Projects ? Never invest big investments at first in A1D programs, A1D ‘s are extremely dangerous and a damage to hyip industry.

I will keep this article updated, if i got more tips.

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